• Remove the anti-trust exemptions enjoyed by health insurance companies.
  • Limit employer contribution to max of $150 per employee $300 for family.
  • Make Health Insurance premiums and all medical costs tax deductible. Eliminate the pre-tax nonsense.
  • Keep the prohibition on excluding for pre-existing conditions provisions.
  • Prohibit Insurance Carrier from excluding specific drugs or treatments prescribed by your Doctor.
  • Prohibit Insurance Carrier from requiring you to use a specific health care facility or Doctor.
  • Prohibit special pricing for insurance companies. Individuals should be able to pay the same as an insurance company.
  • Limit malpractice awards to the same as workers compensation payouts.
  • Require all insurance companies to provide a standard, limited low-cost policy for low income people/families.
  • Require all insurance companies to provide a standard, limited low cost, long-term care policy.
  • Allow federal subsidies to states, counties and insurance companies that provide the limited low cost policies and where the heath care cost becomes catastrophic for an individual. This fund will be paid by a small VAT type Federal Sales Tax.
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