If you are upset about the popular vote and our democracy, welcome to America.  First off, we are not a democracy.  A democracy is simply mob rules and if you don’t see it, look at California’s last set of Propositions.  The mob voted to tax smokers, wealthy and to increases our sales tax forever simply because most of the Proposition’s supporters will not have to pay for it.  Spare me the merits because that’s not my point.

If we were indeed a democracy, who knows how long it would have been before we abolished slavery, allowed women to vote, civil rights legislation of the 60’s may never have been adopted.  Mob rule did give us prohibition, and many other stupid laws.  Finally, had we been a democracy in 1776, I doubt we would have our current government as the majority of the colonists were afraid to pursue independence, under the threat of treason.

We are in fact a Republic or as John Addams said, we were Representative Republic.  In any event, we elect representatives and empower them to vote as they see fit, not as we hope they will vote.  However, in voting for a representative, we vote for them hoping they do think and feel the same as we do on the important issues.  With all of that comes the Electoral College.  U.S. Constitution does not give any of us the right vote directly for the president.  We vote for Electors and our Constitution says the States have the authority to decide how these electors are to be chosen.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1842 that the last state started allowing the people to vote for those electors.

Side Note:  The first 12 years our government was in the hands of the Federalist Party.  But in the election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson, the leader of the Republican Party, was chosen to be president.  When John Adams, his Federalist opponent, stepped down on inauguration day in 1801, it marked the first time in the history of the world that a group in power had relinquished power without violence or threat of violence, simply because the people said that’s what they wanted. It has worked that way ever since.

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