meetingroomDeep in the bowels of the Capitol Building in Sacramento is a guarded, private room where even the walls have a Faraday radio-wave proof grid, where cell phones, cameras and any recording devices are confiscated at the door, is the secret meeting room for all new Democratic Assembly members along with any new State senators receive their indoctrination into state Democratic politics.  Below is a transcript obtained by smuggling in a digital recorder hidden deep in the Democrat leader’s mistress’s bosom.

Leader:  Remember our secret motto: If we don’t like it – over regulate it.

New guy:  Won’t that hurt our business friends?

Leader: Yes, but just tell them it will help the environment.

Leader:  If we don’t want others to do it – make a special tax that affects them only.

New guy:  So, we just tax the people who can’t possibly fight back?

Leader: Yep.  Just tell them it will save tax dollars for everyone.

New guy: Does it?

Leader: No, but that does not matter as long as we get the tax increase.

Leader:  If we don’t want others own something – make some more regulations and yes, a special tax that affects them only.

New guy:  So, If a citizen wants to buy a gun we don’t like, we just pass more regulations and raise the tax on them?

Leader:  Yes, and if you get much push-back, scare them.  Work with our media partners to air all the gun violence they can.  Don’t forget the special training and licensing path – that always works.  You’d be surprised how easily it is to get our people to line up and vote our way.

Leader:  NEVER admit that trickle down works, even though we use it to our advantage every day.

New guy: How’s that?

Leader:  It’s simple – We tax the wealthy and big business, our people love that anyway, and they do the passing down to the middle and lower classes.  Do you see how simple it is?

New guy: Wow – and they actually buy it?

Leader: Sure – and if they begin to waffle, we get a celebrity to explain it to them.

New guy: I can’t believe how devious that is.

Leader: Always denounce Citizens United in public but remember it benefits us as much as it does the other side.

New guy: So we actually like the Citizens United decision?

Leader: Of course – how do you think we funded your election?

Leader: If the opposition starts making any inroads, begin with labeling everything they say as either racists, bigoted or as some sort of discrimination.

New guy: But what if it’s not?

Leader: Oh, please – you can make anything fit if your twist it properly.

Leader: Finally, we never – ever, and under no circumstances, do we advocate cutting expenses.  Remember how easy it is to add more taxes and fees.

New guy: Really?  Would it not make sense to cut even the most wasteful spending?

Leader:  Are you sure you are in the right room?  Guard!

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