Why did Trump win? Obstructionism.

Both parties suffer from it and both parties are absolutely sure they are right.  We have finally reached a place in our history where a man like Trump gets elected partially because he said the right things to his supporters but also because the opposition decided to mock and label instead of debate and compromise.  This began with the press deciding that Hillary could not lose and backed her play from day one and Hillary herself, bolstered by the polls, called half of the voting Americans Deplorable.  Frankly, I was surprised as anyone else but now, the truth is coming out – people just did not like her and when they were in the privacy of the voting booth, they just could not vote for her.

Obstructionism.  Is not supporting a good idea simply because the opposition brought it up.  As an example look at school vouchers.  The right brings it up and the left, in lock-step says it’s a horrible idea (and labels it) claiming it will destroy schools.  Same goes for immigration reform, the left wants a reasonable, humane program that takes many factors into consideration and the right thinks (and labels it) it’s just amnesty.  This list is exhausting, health insurance, taxes, gay marriage, abortion, climate change and the list goes on forever.

Even our Supreme Court exhibits its own form of this by (based on their party allegiance) decides which cases to hear and how they vote.

Frankly, I’m sick of it and so is America and getting Donald Trump is our reward.  So, unless you want more people like him in government, tell your State and Federal representatives to knock it off and do their job.  Second, you need to decide for yourself what is a good idea and stop listening to your parties spewings.


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