I created this list a long time ago when a young female co-worker who was having trouble finding a decent guy to date.

Be Careful of Men:

  1. Who hit women or kids in anger.*
  2. Who have a bad temper.*
  3. Who tailgate other drivers or suffer from road rage.*
  4. Who ask you to sex’d them a picture or they have pictures of others still on their phone.*
  5. Who are appear impatient, nervous, or constantly check social media to see if someone is talking about them.*
  6. Who can’t stop texting.
  7. Who own too many mirrors or take a bunch of selfies.
  8. Who have more than one pair of very expensive shoes.
  9. Who have more than 5 pairs of shoes.
  10. Who actually like to go shopping.
  11. Who have anything pierced, or tattoos of naked women.
  12. Who eat only salads for dinner.
  13. Who fold or even worse, iron their underwear.
  14. Who drive flashy expensive foreign sports cars but really can’t afford them.
  15. Who use credit cards and never have any cash.
  16. Who has trouble making most decisions.
  17. Who have a box of wine or a beer tap in their refrigerator.
  18. Who don’t use or own any power tools and the thought of changing a flat tire intimidates them.
  19. Who really care if they are color-coordinated with their date.
  20. Who don’t give to charities.  They never help a beggar when clearly, one needs it.
  21. Who own or wear speedo type underwear.
  22. Who have satin anything.
  23. Who have never fired a gun and/or believe that no one should own a gun.
  24. Who let a snot-nosed 18 year old sales clerk boss them around.
  25. Who would prefer a chick flick to any action-adventure movie.
  26. Who would buy a $50 designer T-shirt instead of a 3- pack of JCPenny T-shirts for $15.
  27. Who’s last relationship was a stripper.
  28. Who had to “Go off and find themselves”.
  29. Who had ever been to or even considered therapy.
  30. Who have more than one gold chain hanging around their neck with their shirt opened too far.
  31. Who wear more than one ring or a diamond pinky ring.
  32. Who own a pair of black leather pants.
  33. Who have ever collected un-employment for more than a week or over 19 and living at home.
  34. Who don’t check-in with their parents at least, but no more than twice a month. (Unless one is in poor health.)
  35. Who talks-back to or is rude to his parents.
  36. Who drink water (or anything) from a glass with a straw.
  37. Who borrow things and never returns them.
  38. Who do not tip generously.
  39. Who, when at a restaurant with a larger party, scrutinizes the bill and never really pays enough.
  40. Who cheat when playing games. (Especially Golf)
  41. Who begin any sentence with “My hair …”.
  42. Who don’t have any male friends.
  43. Who can’t back-up a car, can’t parallel park or back up a truck with a trailer.
  44. Who do not know how to jump-start a car.
  45. Who refer to the women’s breasts as any kind of food or toy.
  46. Who let the woman pay for anything while on a date.
  47. Who cannot swim or have an unusual fear of the water.
  48. Who really cares what color the bed spread is. (Unless its pink or lavender).
  49. Who do not like some kind of music or actually likes “Rap”
  50. Who can’t program the (insert any digital device) or are afraid to learn something new.


* These are deal breakers and this person should be avoided like Ebola.


By Dave Bower Copyright October 2, 2000

Rev 2015

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