Health Insurance should be just that, insurance against a potentially large cost if you get injured or become seriously ill.  Your insurance company should not have the right to tell you what treatments your need, what doctors to see or what hospitals to use – unless you like giving that much power over your life to an insurance company.  However, with the enormous cost of health insurance today, most of us have little choice or so the insurance companies would like us to think so.

The problem is that health insurance often gets misconstrued as health care – it is not.  However, if you are solely dependent on your health insurance provider to determine the course of your health care and you are solely dependent on your employer for your health insurance then – you pretty much stuck with letting an insurance company, not a doctor that you trust, decide your health care options.

Take away all the religious/moral/reproductive rights/special pill availability implications for a moment and let’s say your health insurance does not allow you to go to the hospital that you know for a fact, is better at cancer treatment than the one your employer’s plan allows, maybe you need a special operation that for whatever reason is not covered, or even a new drug therapy that your plan will not cover, what do you do then?  Let an insurance company decide for you?  Sadly, most just shrug their falling shoulder’s and say, “Oh well, that’s all the cover so I guess it’s what’s best for me.”

We have fallen prey not to the Hobby Lobby’s or the actions and protestations of some special interest groups but to the insurance companies, their lobbyists and the idiot politicians that have given them all the power they need to overcharge, decide on what’s good vs bad heath care and shove all of us into a position of impuissant policy holders.  If you think about it, the recent decision is about corporations and insurance companies – not health care – not choice – not morality or religion – it’s just corporate money.  And most of the press, social media and bloggers are in lock step with the party line, evil corporation pushing religion views on the unsuspecting.  Nonsense.  It is the money.

If there was only half the outrage over the real issue that there is over the latest SCOTUS decision, maybe we would see real insurance reform.  Do you let your home owners or even your auto insurance have that much control?  No, and the premiums reflect it.

If you want real control of your own health care, it is time to tell your elected representatives that you have had enough and you want real insurance reform.  Just FYI, did know that only the insurance industry is exempt from anti-trust laws?  See McCarran-Ferguson Act.  How is it possible that a good health plan, for a family of four can cost over $2,000 per month?  For What??

Want to fix the health care system, stop whining and vote for those who have the stones to enact real insurance reform.

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