Term Limits have destroyed any hope of California being run efficiently – forever.

Back in the late 80’s the Republicans believed that the only way to get rid of Willy Brown was to create term limits so in 1990 Prop 140 passed.  Soon after that, everyone realized that once a party majority was established, nothing could change it.  Another unintended consequence was that the lobbyists soon figured out, that if a legislator did not play ball, they had the power to freeze them out and just wait till they termed out.  Even the Democrats, who once hated the idea soon saw the benefit to their party and began to encourage other states to enact similar legislation.

The one, major problem now is that the only political professionals left in Sacramento are the lobbyists and they were holding on to their power with a death-like grip.  So, in 2012 new legislation was (Prop 28) was passed to extend the terms but it has proven inadequate and the lobbyists still wield too much power.  Among the strongest lobbyists represent more than just corporations and the public employee unions and Indian tribes have risen to an all-time high in influence.  Remember it is lobbyists’ primary function is to serve their masters’ interests, not the voting public, and the strangle hold of these lobbies on the Legislature is more powerful than ever.

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