What many of you don’t get is that for Mexicans and most Central and South Americans, there is no such thing as legal immigration unless of course, they are already wealthy.

Three years ago, I wanted to bring a young man that has been helping me for years build houses in Mexico to the USA, just for a two week visit.  The procedure for him to get a visa was beyond stupid.

First, he must call a 900 number and make an appointment with the US consulate.  To confirm this appointment that is generally months away, he needs to pay a fee (I’m sketchy on the actual amount today) of $200.00 by a credit card in his name– which is non-refundable.  If he does make it to the appointment and they are too busy to see him, the process and fees starts all over again.  Then during the appointment, he has to prove he has over $10,000 USD in a Mexican bank, own Mexican property and has family in Mexico to return to.  There were some other inane conditions but you get the point – the US has no path unless you are wealthy.

Anyway, after hearing this, I called the Secretary of State’s office in DC.  I wanted to hear firsthand, why I could not have this young man come up for a visit.  To make a long story short, I spoke to a guy, pretty high up in the food chain, (his name withheld) and was told directly, “Mexican men, 16-50 have zero chance of getting a visa unless they have serious money.” – Basically a reason to go back home.  So, just saying they need to immigrate legally is tantamount to saying stay out and is just an evasion of what you really mean.

This country needs real immigration reform.  And why it takes so long is not as simple as many think.  The people, you and I, want simple, easy to understand and follow  rules that make sense for both us and the potential immigrants.  Political parties want a policy that won’t screw them up with their voters.  However, the real power behind immigration reform are the large corporations, food growers and the people with the greatest influence of all, the Social Security system and IRS.  Remember, they get a huge amount of money (billions) that has no strings attached and that they NEVER have to give any of it back. So good luck getting any sort of meaningful reform passed.




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