no45PROPOSITION 45 – Healthcare insurance. Rate Changes.

Not a chance- this is a horrible Proposition that says one thing but does not deliver in the language.  Our Insurance needs real reform, not more layers of bureaucracy that the politicians can hide behind.  Even the liberal LA Times thinks this is bad legislation.  Los Angeles Times: “[It] leaves much of the timetable for filing and reviewing rates up to whoever happens to be the insurance commissioner, who may not have the ability or the desire to make the process work — or to stop intervenors determined to undermine it. Nor does it try to contain the damage that might be caused if a court throws out a rate months after it goes into effect, leaving insurers, policyholders and the government that subsidizes them to figure out who pays rebates to whom…Sacramento may eventually need to regulate health premiums, but now’s not the time and Proposition 45 isn’t the way.”

Please Vote NO on 45.

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